On Analog Horror

This article is currently unfinished.

There's been a trend for the past few years known as "Analog Horror" on sites like YouTube. I do not like it, to say the least. For one, I'm not a particularly big fan of the existing series, but I also have a much deeper distaste for the genre in concept. I just felt the need to articulate exactly what it is about these series that peeves me.

Let's get this out of the way: if you absolutely need to watch an Analog Horror series, then please let it be Local58. Not only is it one of the only ones that's actually somewhat decent, but it's the only one that's even remotely original. Meaning, this is the series that every other Analog Horror series is ripping off. If you've seen this one, you've seen them all. I shit you not, the only thing distinguishing Analog Horror from any other form of Found Footage is whether or not it rips off Local58.

Actually, I'm noticing a pattern here. Local58 was created by none other than Kris Straub (which might explain why it's actually somewhat decent). You know what else Kris Straub made? Candle Cove, which was what led to that embarrassing plague of "Lost Episode" creepypastas. I think this guy might just have some sort of tap on what in horror causes confused teenagers to write bizarre fanfics.


This article is currently unfinished.